Badger Reflector Posts

BTWS pioneered the use of reflector posts to protect badgers from being hit by cars on the roads. Here is a new model reflector which is much improved from earlier stainless steel reflectors being placed next to a badger run crossing a main road: headlamps reflected give an early warning to the badger and work […]

Did you know?

That when the e-petition posted by Dr. Brian May on the Government site to “Stop the Badger Cull” reached 100,000 signatures (October 2012) it resulted in a House of Commons “Back Benchers Debate” which opposed the cull by 147 votes to 28. Yet this vote has no legal power and had no effect on the […]

Shooting badgers to be legal under plans for ‘big society cull’

Tories say move will help farmers tackle bovine TB but police warn of illegal badger persecution The row over badger culling has erupted again, with Labour describing government plans to allow farmers to shoot the animals on their land as the “big society badger cull”. The government has yet to respond publicly to a Defra […]

Blasting badgers won’t kill cattle TB

The Badger Trust appeals in a new leaflet for the public to respond to the Coalition Government’s consultation on its pointless plans to license farmers to kill badgers in parts of England, its preferred option after setting out a futile muddle of assertions in its official consultation document. It is vital for those concerned about […]

Culling will NOT eradicate TB

By DR CHRIS CHEESEMAN Retired head of wildlife diseases Central Science Laboratory “I HAVE spent the major part of my 42 year career as a wildlife ecologist studying bovine TB in badgers. I have taken a close interest in the recent announcement by the Assembly Government to implement measures in West Wales designed — they […]

Cameron and Clegg back badger slaughter

THE leaders of the two main Opposition parties have both stated that they would implement a badger cull to control the spread of bovine TB (bTB). Conservative leader David Cameron said he would sanction a cull, if the Tories win the General Election. Speaking during a visit to the Royal Bath and West show he […]