Badger Baiting

Thousands of badgers each year are mercilessly killed by the cruel activity of baiting. This involves digging into a sett to locate the badgers and then pitting them against dogs, usually several dogs to one badger. If caught, the baiters can receive a prison sentence. Lamping is another way that baiters can acquire badgers for fighting. This involves catching badgers using a net. They may then be transported to another location for the baiting.

Road Traffic Accidents

It is estimated that around 45,000 badgers are killed on the road in the UK each year.


The main threat of development to badgers, and many other wildlife species, is loss of habitat. Development decreases feeding grounds which are vital to sustain present and future badger populations. It is estimated that 50% of new born cubs die of starvation due to loss of feeding grounds. Another hazard that comes with development is new roads that cross badger paths, which often results in an increase in road fatalities.


The National Anti Snaring Campaign was launched following several snaring incidents in West Sussex. Their website highlights many incidents of badger snaring including video footage of a badger in a snare.

Other Threats

Other threats to badgers are numerous and include illegal poisoning, and shooting. Also hazards are accidental destruction of setts, railway fatalities and legal culling by Government bodies, e.g. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). These activities cause the death of many thousands of badgers every year.